Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Gary Kirsten Cricket India opens up registration for training in India

Names to be registered on March 23 and 24 for the summer camp and annual training
·         Gary Kirsten Cricket India to set up a training center at Divisional Sports Complex, Shashtrinagar, Yerawada
·         Training to begin from April 4
·         For pre registrations contact:- WhatsApp on 9112295566 or

Gary Kirsten Cricket India has been established with the aim to provide cricket training of the international standard in Pune. Renowned South African cricketer Gary Kirsten has been the coach of the Indian team too. During the World Cup 2011, he immensely contributed to the victory of the Indian cricket team.  After serving as a trainer at the international level Gary Kirsten has now decided to focus on the field of coaching youngsters.

Registrations for the summer camp and the annual coaching by Gary Kirsten Cricket India will be held on March 23 and 24. Actual training will commence on April 4, 2019. Names of trainees will be registered for summer camp, annual coaching, Saturday
Sunday coaching, personal coaching, and team coaching. Girls and boys of age about four years will be eligible for training in these camps. Training camps of the Gary Kirsten Cricket India will be conducted at the Divisional Sports Complex at Shastri Nagar, Yerawada, Pune.

Details of the coaching camps were shared by Mr. Anand Mittal, CEO of Gary Kirsten Cricket India, and Mr.Ryan Van Niekerk, the chief coach. Mr Upendra Kulkarni and Mahesh Hatkar will also impart training during these camps.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Anand Mital said, "There are many talented cricket players in Pune and around. Many of them have displayed their talent and earned recognition at the national as well as international level. Gary Kirsten Cricket India proposes to train and create cricket players of a similar caliber."  
"The venue for the coaching camps is equipped to train 1000 cricket players at the same time," he added.

Mr.Ryan Van Niekerk said, "We have several established and internationally accepted training schedules along with best trainers. We are here to provide Indian cricketers with the best of the coaching. At the same time, we will also invest in equipping our coaches with skills and knowledge about cricket from all over the world. We will ensure the provision of personal guidance for each and every trainee in order to boost their potential."

Training Schedule:
* Personal guidance from Mr.Ryan Van Neikerk: To be conducted from Monday to Friday, these sessions will comprise of three hour-long batches from 4 to 7 pm.
* Summer Camp: To be conducted from 7 to 10 am and 4 to 7 pm from Monday to Friday, this camp will include four 1.5-hour long batches. Every session can have 150 players and the first summer camp will be held in April 2019 while the second one will be conducted in May 2019.
* Saturday-Sunday (Weekend) training: This six-month long training session will be conducted on Saturdays and Sundays from 7 to 10 am and 4 to 7 pm. There will be two batches for a tow hour-long session.
* Annual training and Half-yearly (six months) training: These sessions will be conducted from Monday to Friday in 1.5 hour-long batches to be held between 4 and 8.30 pm. Every session will have three batches of trainees each.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Second time mother Becomes first in India to give birth to triplets at the Age of 52

A 52 year old woman, Mrs. Sunita Kadam (Name Changed) from Pune has become first in India to give birth to triplets conceived through IVF at Pune's Saishree Hospital.

The two out of three are baby boys and one girl. Well in this case 2 kids were born healthy while the third was little weak, and was kept in NICU. Ultimately after few days the kid recovered. It was not an easy journey to parenthood for Mr & Mrs. Kadam, as they tried to have baby through IVF in Hyderabad and Pune Hospitals before. There was no positive result even after multiple attempts.

"This is really happy moments for our family to have three babies in First attempt at Saishree Hospital," Says Mrs.Kadam.

A triplet pregnancy after in vitro fertilization is a procedure-related complication that should be prevented by replacement of two embryos only.

The obstetric outcome of triplet pregnancies in our population indicates that triplet pregnancies after IVF treatment have to be prevented. Selective embryo reduction is acceptable for few patients only and can therefore not be seen as a solution. Replacement of three embryos results in triplet pregnancy in an unacceptably high percentage. Replacement of two embryos only gives acceptable IVF results and is the method chosen in the IVF program to prevent triplet pregnancies. However, mother denied for fetal reduction  and wanted to give birth to triplets which is very rare.

Doctors at SaiShree Hospital Dr.Yeshwant Mane and Dr.Girish Pote, practicing IVF treatment for many years, said IVF for twins or triplets requires transferring of dual or triple embryos into the womb, which also reduces  chances of failure, which otherwise is higher in single-embryo transfer or normal IVF.

"In this case, mother's physical health and fetal well being played a major role in IVF success and birth to triplets." Said Dr. Pote Further he added, “We have a very great team in our center. We provide advanced treatment and facilities to our patients. And now we are happy to announce that we have delivered 101 live babies till December 2018 through IVF.”

Saishree Hospital has started its IVF center 16 months ago and till December 2018 '101' live babies in which 40 singles (Boy/Girl), 29 twins and 1 triplet were born through IVF. Now these triplets played big role to cross the number.

3rd International Diabetes Summit to be held in Pune

·         Over 1550 delegates are expected to attend this conference.
·         50 faculty members from India will speak at the summit.
·         More than 50 young researchers will get a chance to present free papers.

The number of people with Diabetes is steadily rising in India. At present, 74 million Indians have Diabetes. Not even half of this number is aware that they have Diabetes. Only half of those who are aware seek medical management and treatment for Diabetes and its varied complications. Another 77 million people are suspected to be prediabetic. Uncontrolled Diabetes is known to cause damage to the kidneys, nerves, eyes and heart.

Chellaram Hospital - Diabetes Care & Multispeciality has organized its 3rd International Diabetes Summit – 2019 from 8th to 10th March 2019 to tackle Diabetes and identify practical ways to tackle the growing menace of Diabetes and its complications. The International Diabetes Summit aims to empower healthcare professionals with the latest research and knowledge to win this uphill battle to defeat Diabetes.
Dr Deelip Mhaisekar, Vice Chancellor of MUHS, Nashik will grace the inaugural function. Nearly 1550 delegates are expected to attend this conference. World renowned scientific experts in the field of Diabetes including Clinicians and Researchers from Karolinska Institute, Lund University and Orebro (Sweden), Mayo Clinic and University of Virginia and University of Miami (USA) and Cardiff University and University of Manchester (UK) and 50 faculty members from India are speaking at the summit. “Chellaram Foundation Diabetes Research Award” amounting to 1 lakh rupees will be awarded to one of the 50 young researchers presenting posters and free papers at the conference.
A unique feature of the summit is the Workshop on management of Diabetic Lower Limb Neuropathy. This workshop will include a live demonstration of clinical examination of diabetic foot and hands-on training session on how to treat wounds and calluses.Another salient feature of the summit includes a discussion on Decoding Fad Diets whose main aim is to look at various diets that either helps you lose weight or reverse Diabetes by normalising blood glucose levels through low calorie diets and exercise. The summit will also cover discussions and talks on new age treatments, bariatric surgery, new technology to manage foot infections, injectable therapies, hypothyroidism, continuous glucose monitoring, insulin pumps, once-a-week injections, role of artificial intelligence in Diabetes management, remote monitoring of Diabetes, self-monitoring of Diabetes, etc.
Mr Lal L. Chellaram, the Patron of International Diabetes Summit and the Chairman of Chellaram Hospital - Diabetes Care & Multispeciality, says “Chellaram Hospital - Diabetes Care & Multispeciality is at the forefront in the fight to tackle the escalating problem of Diabetes in India. The International Diabetes Summit is an example of our effort to empower health care providers with the best knowledge about diabetes care strategies. This would eventually have a major impact on the treatment of Diabetes and its complications which affect the various parts of the body”.
Dr Unnikrishnan AG, CEO of Chellaram Hospital - Diabetes Care & Multispeciality says, “The International Diabetes Summit, organized by Chellaram Hospital - Diabetes Care & Multispeciality, is a unique initiative to bring world class Diabetology care practices to the Indian setting. Diabetes in India poses a distinct challenge, when compared to Diabetes in Western countries. In this conference, the best Diabetes experts from the world would interact with their Indian counterparts. I hope that the unique India-oriented solutions that this interaction brings forth would help improve the lives of the millions of people suffering from Diabetes in India”.
Dr (Brig.) Anil P Pandit, Chief Medical Director of Chellaram Hospital - Diabetes Care & Multispeciality  says “Chellaram Hospital - Diabetes Care & Multispeciality has a unique initiative to fight against the epidemic of Diabetes. Diabetes has affected close to 74 million people and Chellaram Hospital - Diabetes Care & Multispeciality provides advanced infrastructure and facilities including endocrinology, haemodialysis centre, podiatry department, real- time continuous glucose monitoring system, insulin pump, bariatric surgery. Recently, the Chellaram Hospital has expanded to provide multispecialty care including state-of-the-art cath-lab, comprehensive ophthalmic care and advanced radiological imaging.  We hope this unique conference will help highlight a novel way to fight the Diabetes epidemic in India”.
The 3rd International Diabetes Summit - 2019 seeks to bridge the gap between current theoretical knowledge and its and application and practice in the real-world. The summit aims to provide comprehensive knowledge about Diabetes and its complications to health care practitioners of India.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Actor Atul Kulkarni Inaugurates Robotic Assisted Joint Replacement Centre at Upasani Super Specialty Hospital

Doctors at the Upasani Super Speciality Hospital in Mumbai this week performed two back-to-back successful Robotics-assisted total knee replacement surgeries, for the first time in Mumbai on a 65 years old Kanchan Patil both with severe knee pain since over 5 years. These surgeries were done using the NAVIO PFS Robotics surgical system, the latest advanced generation Robotic intervention in joint replacement (developed in the USA) and to the delight of the families, enabled these patients to walk without significant pain within 4 hours of the surgery itself.

Robotics-assisted joint replacement surgery has many definitive benefits over traditional joint replacement surgery: It enables the surgeon to operate with enhanced precision even during the most complex procedures and difficult cases. Enhanced precision and lesser bone removal leads to less blood loss, painless, faster and better post-operative outcomes for the patient. “Robotics assisted joint replacement is at a much higher pedestal than traditional joint replacement surgery”, says Dr. Tejas Upasani, renowned Orthopaedic Surgeon and Head of Orthopaedics at Upasani Super Speciality Hospital.

“The NAVIO Robotics-assisted system reduces the possibilities of human error and ensures perfect alignment, leading to the longevity of the joint implant. Though this is a very high end technology in our hospital, we have chosen to not make it expensive - so that more patients will be able to benefit from this”, confirms Dr. Tejas Upasani, who operated upon the 2 patients.

Robotic Assisted Joint Replacement Centre at Upasani Super Specialty Hospital was inaugurated at the hands of Chief Guest Actor Atul Kulkarni.

Atul Kulkarni said, “This significant change in the medical sector has enhanced the lives people, it is the science to prove that the progress made in medical science and new facilities and equipment helps in diagnosing bigger diseases.”

The two patients and their families are extremely happy with the outcomes from such world-class cutting edge technology, now available to them in Mumbai. They were both discharged to get back home within 2-3 days of the joint replacement surgery and are now undergoing physical rehabilitation to return to an active lifestyle soon.

Using Robot-assisted surgery helps to prevent human error as well as gives best results to the patient, after the surgery same day the patient can walk more confidently, also gets the discharge within three days which results in minimum hospital stay, reduces the use of painkiller medicines, no need of physiotherapy. Overall, the robotics has become a boon for the patients.

The robotic-assisted system is set up by the initiative of Dr Tejas Upasani, Orthopedic and Dr.Vinod Lahiri,  

Dr.Vinod Lahiri, Former Head of department of Seth GS Medical College added, “Robotic technology makes artificial joint replacement more beneficial for a patient, in less time, more accuracy can be obtained, which also increases the longevity of implants and joints. I am very happy to hear that Mumbai now has Robotics in Joint Replacement and in the hands of the right surgeons at Upasani Super Specialty Hospital.”

Dr Tejas Upasasni, when asked why he chose to get this technology, said “We at USSH have always believed in giving the best to the patients. We always focus on patient safety and outcomes. With Robotics we are driving this and are at par with the with the world in healthcare.”

On this occasion patient say “I am very happy with the pain relief and recovery is much  better on the knee which was operated through Robotics Assisted Surgery.”

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Pune to Host a Blooming Exhibition

Showcasing Variety of Foliage, Flowering, Fruit & Vegetable Plants, Herbs and Ornamental Plants 

·  14th International Flora Expo 2019, along with 11th International Horti Expo 2019, 13th International Landscape & Gardening Expo 2019 at Messe Global, Exhibition & Convention Centre, Laxmi Lawns, Magarpatta, Pune, India.

India has been bestowed with most suitable climatic conditions for growing various kinds of horticultural crops such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, nuts, spices and plantation crops. That is why India has emerged as one of the major producer of fruits and vegetables in the world. Contribution of horticulture sector to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is increasing every year. 

There has been spectacular change in terms of adoption of new technologies, production and availability of horticulture product. Keeping in view the importance of horticulture sector, Media Today Group is organizing the 14th International Flora Expo 2019, along with 11th International Horti Expo 2019, 13th International Landscape & Gardening Expo 2019 at Messe Global, Exhibition & Convention Centre, Laxmi Lawns, Magarpatta, Pune, India.

The three day event commencing from 22nd February 2019 is expected to make considerable contribution to the Horticulture sector. The series of events have become India's largest exhibition for Floriculture, Nursery & Greenhouse Technology, Horticulture Products, Farm Machineries and Processing & Post Harvest Technologies.

The highlights of the event will be the showcase of products and technologies such as Flowering, Fruit & Vegetable Plants, Herbs & Ornamental Plants, exotic range of International Flower bulbs launch, hydroponics, Solar Energy Utility technology, Plant technology, biotechnology &Greenhouse technology, Automation and much more.

International Seminar & Conference:- The new concepts of Green living entailing innovative landscaping and vertical gardening systems is shaping up in India, which promotes cleaner and greener environment around us. Therefore, along with this noble objective of promoting and inculcating a great sense of competition in good landscaping and gardening activities, this year we are organizing an International Conference & Networking Meet on Green Living Concepts "Plants, Places & People" on 23rd February 2019 at Messe Global Convention Centre, Laxmi Lawns, Magarpatta, Pune.

Indian Flower and Plants Industry Excellence Awards
In order to recognize Flower & Plant Industry organizations and leaders who have made everlasting impact on the green industry, it is a humble effort to honour and to appreciate the growth story of those leaders. Indian Flower & Plant Industry Excellence Awards is being conducted on 23rd February 2019, Pune, India.

Networking & Trading Opportunities
14th International Flora Expo 2019 will be an ultimate platform to spread out commerce into new markets. The expo series concurrently with 11th International Horti Expo 2019 will facilitate the diversification of Indian floriculture industry along with the agriculture industry, being ideal for farmers, industry people and other stakeholders to increase and branch out their activities.

The 2018 edition of event series catered to the demand of the emerging concepts apart from innovative products of the country. The exhibition had a vast footfall of more than 20,000 visitors. The premier meeting ground had displays of products from US, Holland, Israel, Nepal, Korea, Portugal, China and many other countries. Several varieties of plant technology, biotechnology and greenhouse technology were on display.

Surely, the 14th International Flora Expo 2019 will highlight the various facets of development. Concurrently, 11th International Horti Expo 2019 will also focus on the aspects devoting to display of farm machinery, greenhouse production, automated and agri-processing technologies across the country.

The success achieved made the organizers to prepare with greater vigour and zeal for the upcoming exhibition series.  The dates for the next edition have been announced as 22-23-24 February 2019 in Pune. For more details, visit: www.floraexpo.com

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

ISRO to Organize Space Exhibition on February 15, 16 and 17, 2019

Giant Leap – Taking Space Technology To Schools
Suresh Naik Space Education Center’s Multi - pronged Initiative.

Suresh Naik, Ex-Group Director ISRO, a well known senior space scientist from Pune, along with Mr.Suhas Punekar, Managing Director ‘Punekar Educational Initiaves’ is leading a movement, aiming to give a huge thrust to Space technology education, a fascinating subject which is fast catching the imagination of the students across the country.

As part of this initiative, a highly popular and educative space exhibition by the world-renowned premier organisation of the country, ISRO is being organised in Pune on February 15, 16 and 17, 2019 details about which are given in the adjoining block. Co organiser for it is the prestigious College Of Engineering Pune (COEP) whose students, to their credit, have the distinction of making the student-satellite ‘Swayam’ which was launched by ISRO. ISRO’s Exhibition. Highlights of ISRO Space Exhibition include a set of posters related to ISRO satellites and their applications, Chandrayaan/ Mars mission; scaled down models of ISRO rockets, satellites; a working model showing satellites orbiting around earth; video documentaries show on mars mission and chandrayaan mission; how to join ISRO – IIST. Also ISRO’s Geo portal-BHUVAN website will be demonstrated during the exhibition.   
It will be a great opportunity for the youth not only to learn about ISRO’s history and glorious space missions through posters, models & videos but also to interact with ISRO’s scientists in person.

CubSat Revolution Starts in the country.
"Students thrilled taking first steps to Satellite Technology”.

The low cost of implementation, short preparation time, simplicity of design and the fascinating nature of the subject like Space Technology make this concept of ‘Suresh Naik CubSat workshop’ an excellent practical opportunity for students to take their first steps in space. 

"Punekar Educational Initiatives Pvt Ltd" along with "Suresh Naik Space Education Center" Pune, are set to drive a revolution in innovation in Space Technology with an exciting 2 days' premium educational event, comprising of Satellite design, its construction & launching by the school students. 

The first ever CubSat workshop was conducted by us in a School in Pune in July 2018 with resounding success. Since then more than 800 students from various schools in Pune & Lonavala have zealously participated in this exciting workshop.

It is noteworthy that the space technology has been taken to even village school students near Pune through this highly interesting educational mission.

The workshop aims at simulating space environment of real space mission with an objective of providing the basic knowledge of space science, satellites, electronics and embedded systems followed by the on-hands activity by the students'-groups under the guidance of experienced trainers.

This mission is ideally designed to provide the first-step-training to the school students for the development of real satellite. That is why the name "CubSat".

These desirous students are given a specifically prepared brief syllabus based on which an entrance test (MCQ) is conducted. Based on the performance the students are selected. Separate tests are conducted for students of 6th to 8th class & 9th to 12 th class. 

In this novel workshop a miniature satellite, weighing about 350 grams fitted into a structure slightly bigger than a soft- drink can and equipped with a parachute would be assembled by groups of 5 students each.

The students also make the parachute & the ground station as a part of the workshop. A specially designed kit provides the students with all the parts, materials & tools. After the integration, the system is tested by the students on the ground before the launch.

 The climax of this dramatic mission would be the launching of the CubSats. The students really enjoy watching their selfmade CubSat flying 15/20 m high with the help of drone, after getting detached the satellite descending gracefully with the help of a parachute, and at the same time transmitting the atmospheric data in real time wirelessly like air temperature etc. using a ground station also built by them.

The mission is guided by the eminent space scientist Suresh Naik, Ex-Group Director ISRO & the present Chairman of International Space Society, who is well known as a 'crusader for popularising Space Science' among the students of the country since the last two decades. 

Suhas Punekar, the Chairman Punekar Educational Initiatives Pvt Ltd has planned to take this immensely interesting & inspiring educational mission to thousands of school students in Maharashtra and other parts of the country and start a revolution in the field of spreading the knowledge about the fascinating Space Technology.

On 15th February 3rd event of the SSEC & PEI will take place in the auditorium of the Ganesh Kala & krida Munch, in which the website-sureshnaikcubsat.com would be launched followed by an interesting talk on Space Technology related topic by Prof. Suresh Naik and others to the students.

ISRO Space Exhibition.
Venue: Ganesh Kala Krida Manch. Near Swargate. Pune.
Dates & timings for students:
February 15 & 16: 9 am to 7 pm.
February 17: 9 am to 1 pm.

Dates & timings for general public:
February 15 & 16: 4 pm to 7 pm.

Admission to the exhibition:
Entirely free; but for the students interested schools should contact for admission passes
Contact:  Ms. Anita:- 9422344601
               Ms. Leena:- 8380075631

Address:- Nakshatra, Bhagyoday Nagar, Lane-1,opp Konark E –square near Satyanand Hospital, Londhe Khurd, Pune- 411048

Time & dates for collection:
From: 09 February-10 am 5 pm. to 13 February 10 am to 5 pm.

Note: The students of every school will get admission to the exhibition only during the time slot & date mentioned behind their admission pass.

Friday, February 8, 2019

“Big Platform for Small scale as well as Large scale industries”- Mr. Pravin Karve (Executive Vice President & Member – Executive Council, Thermax Ltd)

  • 4-day Industrial expo started from 7th Feb at New Agriculture College ground, Pune between 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
  • More than 300 exhibitors, 30,000, to 40,000 visitors from India and abroad will be visiting this expo.
  • Free and open for all, online registration facility available.
The inaugural function of the event took place at the hands of Mrs. Mukta Tilak (Mayor, Pune), Mr. Pravin Karve (Executive Vice President & Member – Executive Council, Thermax Ltd). There were various qualified entrepreneurs and exhibitors at the Mahatech 2019 that offered a host of business opportunities to them. This year, more than 300 Exhibitors are participating from all over India & abroad.

Chief Guest at the event were Mrs. Mukta Tilak ((Mayor, Pune), Mr. Pravin Karve (Thermax Ltd) Executive Vice President & Member – Executive Council), Mr. Anand Chari (Deputy General Manager of BSE SME at Bombay Stock Exchange), Mr. Virendra Rathod (Director, School of Inspirational Leadership), Mr. Vasantrao Marathe (Founder, Maharashtra Industries Directory), Mr. Vinay Marathe (Director, MAHATech), Mr. S.P Thatte (General Manager, MAHATech).

The exhibition displayed state-of-the-art Technologies, Equipment and Accessories, Services from India and International players in each section. MAHATech is an ideal platform for entrepreneurs who want to showcase their talent, up-grade and enhance their capacities and modernize their business. This is the 15th consecutive year of MAHATech and with the overwhelming response of manufacturers and dealers this exhibition is now opening up many more avenues on very big scale.
On This Occasion Mrs. Mukta Tilak ((Mayor, Pune) said, “The young generation of our state, country should look business as a career opportunity. Where MAHATech is providing a huge platform for entrepreneurs to develop their business successfully.” Further she added, “Smart City Pune is developing rapidly as a business hub, for which we are planning to develop Convention Centre. That will help and guide the young Entrepreneurs. This will help in the development of the State as well as Nation.

Mr. Pravin Karve (Thermax Ltd) Executive Vice President & Member – Executive Council) said, “MAHATech Exhibition is a big platform for small scale industries as well as large scale industries. There is a need to arrange a systematic organization in business field, so that small scale industries can develop into large one.     

Mr. Vinay Marathe (Director, MAHATech) said, “MAHATech Exhibition is big opportunity for Entrepreneurs of City and the new industries. We have organized 4 separate conferences for SMEs with exposure to increase production and to promote growth."

MAHATech Expo 2019
MAHATech 2019 is supported by the Ministry of Industries (Govt of Maharashtra), COSIA (Chamber of Small Industries Association), TSSIA (Thane Small Scale Industries Association), Indo African Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Sponsored by School of Inspirational Leadership.
More than 300 Exhibitors and 30,000 to 40,000 Industrialists visited the expo from all over India and abroad. Free and open for all.
The exhibition displayed the latest Products, Machinery, Equipments & latest innovation in the Industry from all over India and abroad in each section. MAHATech is an ideal platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their latest products, up-grade and enhance their capacities and modernize their business.
The exhibition is divided in 4 different hangers consisting of Process Equipments, Electrical and Electronics, Machinery & Machine Tools Instrumentation and Automation Equipments etc. The specialty of this exhibition with complete industrial focus is that there is not a single consumer stall. All sectors of industries companies from large scale to small scale and international brands are represented.
This exhibition has been a prominent medium to promote products and services to the discerning target audience. Maharashtra Industries Directory, with the foundation of its unique publication, has streamlined the field of industrial trade-fairs and technical conferences covering a wide range of industrial sectors.
This year many prominent brands such as Autonics automation India Pvt ltd., ECGC ltd. (a government of India enterprises), Epson India Pvt ltd, Bhagini Nivedita Sahakari Bank ltd, Birla Precision Technologies ltd, FS Compressors India Pvt ltd, Eibenstock Positron Elektrowerk Pvt Ltd, Sharang Corporation, MGS Technologies, Excellent Handling Systems Pvt ltd, Deswam Engineering Solutions, School of Inspirational Leadership, Flir Systems India Pvt ltd, Toss Weldtronics. This year too premium exhibitors from Gujarat like Energy Mission Machineries India Pvt ltd, Excel Instruments, Micro Tecnica Spares (India), Purvaj Engineers and many more participated in MAHATech 2019.

Gary Kirsten Cricket India opens up registration for training in India

·          Names to be registered on March 23 and 24 for the summer camp and annual training ·          Gary Kirsten Cricket India to...